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Have you ever thought about why that One Special Man in your life, Your Soul Mate who is destined to be with you forever doesn’t see you in the same way?


The truth is; it’s NOT because he doesn’t love you! And it’s not that you aren’t the perfect couple!


The reason men are so reluctant to committing is because often we – women use the WRONG tools in an attempt to GET COMMITMENT from the men we love!


And if you want to change it and START USING THE RIGHT TOOLS TO GET COMMITMENT, this will be the most important page you’ll ever read because as you read this entire page you will learn:


 How Women Kill Attraction by Trying To Bring a Man Closer


 Why “The Serious Talk” Is The Fastest Way To Kill Attraction


 The Right Way to Have a Serious Talk


 3 Things That Absolutely Must Be Discussed During The Serious Talk


 How To Make The Man You Love Want a Commitment With YOU


And much more!


How Women Kill Attraction by Trying To

Bring a Man Closer


If you have been dating a man for a while and he has not brought up the subject of commitment and having a serious relationship you may start questioning where this relationship is going.


Your anxiety level builds up and you decide to bring up the serious talk.


You meet with your man and as soon as you sit down to have dinner you ask, “So, we have been dating for a while; I want to know if we are serious” or “I want to know where this relationship is going?”


At that moment your man is ready to chock on his dinner. He wants to break the uncomfortable silence, hating his guts for being “trapped” at the dinner table where he cannot escape, and having to handle the uncomfortable conversation about his level of responsibility to you.


You won’t believe how many times I have heard from men this exact thing “Why do women always have to do that? They pick the absolute worst time to start this serious talk – exactly when you have already ordered your food or when you are about to eat dinner she’s made, when you are hungry and are not feeling like getting up and leaving (this would be rude); they all know the best way to trap you into having no escape is to start this drag during dinner or right before. She’ll think I am the last jerk on the planet if I just get up and leave but this is exactly how I feel when she does that. I can only imagine what life would be like with a controlling person who does that!”


Why “The Serious Talk”

Is The Fastest Way To Kill Attraction


Let’s step back for a moment and imagine that you are dating a guy whom you don’t really like all that much, or don’t think he is the one. You are having fun on your dates, but you are not exactly sure you have that deep-level connection that would make you want to spend the rest of your life with him; and definitely at this point you are not even sure if this is the man you want to have a serious relationship with.


You may have gone out of a few dates, but you are still getting to know him.


You may have gone out on lots of dates, and even have known each other for a long period of time, but there is something you just can’t put your finger on; there is something missing, but you don’t know what it is.


And at the most uncomfortable moment this man brings up a “serious talk” and tells you he is in love with you and wants a serious relationship.


You start feeling very uncomfortable because if you just spit it out – give him the truth – you might as well get up and leave because unless you do, the rest of your dinner is going to really suck in the uncomfortable silence.


How can you tell someone you don’t exactly FEEL he is the one when you are already sitting at a dinner table (waiting to actually ENJOY it)?


This is what a man feels like when you do this to him.


The Right Way to Have a Serious Talk


There is one and only RIGHT WAY to have a serious talk – and this is when THE MAN YOU LOVE tells you he wants a serious relationship and commitment with YOU!


And there is no other way around it!


When a man wants commitment with the woman he is with, here is how the “serious talk” occurs:


Your man brings up on his own initiative the conversation about being COMMITTED (DO NOT CONFUSE WITH “EXCLUSIVE”)


See, commitment means that your man wants to get to know you better with the purpose to “test” if you are compatible enough for a life-long commitment.


When a man tells you he wants to have a serious relationship with you with the potential to see if you are fit for marriage, he makes it VERY CLEAR rather than innuendos. He will tell you something like “I want a life with you” or “I want to take our relationship to the next level”.


And at that time, if you are not clear on what “serious relationship” means to him, ask!


Ask him, what do you mean by that and what does a “serious relationship” mean to you?


Then you can discuss the details of what that means – where it is sexual exclusivity, dating exclusivity, etc.


When a man gives you real commitment, there are certain “terms” that have to be discussed.


Obviously, if you are in a committed relationship, you are sexually exclusive BUT there are other “terms” that are to be discussed.


The terms of your relationship that should not be assumed, and should be discussed are:


How often do we see each other?


Often we have very different timelines of how often you should see each other. Some people want to move in together right away, some people are ok with seeing each other every week (on a weekend).


Some people think they can have a long-lasting committed relationship when they are in a long distance relationship and see each other once a year, and for some a relationship does not exist unless you see each other most of the time.


These are the things that have to absolutely be discussed.


I’ll give you an example. One guy I had a relationship with offered that I move in with him (he lived about one hour drive from me). After consideration I decided that my life would have been considerably impacted and constrained as I had very significant ties to the area where I lived, and I told him that would not work. But because our relationship continued nevertheless he told me that he could not see this relationship last if we only saw each other once a week.


To me I could totally see myself in a relationship where we’d have regular contact by phone and saw each other on weekends, but that was not in any way his idea of a committed relationship, and eventually we grew apart.




Usually when a man proposes commitment this means he sees his girlfriend as a future wife and plans on getting married at some point. Men have different ideas as to how soon they should get married after declaring themselves in a committed relationship.


Some men have other commitments, such as graduating from college, getting a job, settling at a new job, etc. Other men base their decision to propose solely on the fact that they know their spouses-to-be well enough to know this is the right woman. Some men think they know their girlfriends well enough after three months; some think they should get to know each other for at least a year before getting engaged.


You should be very clear about your guy’s idea of the timelines.


If your timeline is different from his, this could be a problem and needs to be discussed up-front, otherwise it may cause frustration and disappointment later on when one’s timeline is not met by the other.




When you are about to merge lives, the money issues should be discussed as well.


Do you plan on being a stay-home mom or are you planning on working on your career until both of you can afford to buy a house? Is your money his money and vice versa or is his money your family’s sole budged?


Don’t get married unless you have a clear idea of how money-compatible you two are.


If your man has not brought up the three topics above, he is not really thinking COMMITMENT at this point.


What should you do?


How To Make The Man You Love

Want a Commitment With YOU!


See, in order for a man to want a commitment it must be his idea!


If you have trouble getting REAL commitment from men, and keep dating men who refuse to give you commitment, it is not because most men are commitment phobics.


You may be thinking that since every man you meet turns out to refuse making a commitment in the end, this is because there aren’t any good men left.


This can’t be farther from the truth!


Men want to be loved, and they appreciate a serious loving committed relationship with the right woman.


But the reason men are often afraid to commit is because MEN ARE AFRAID TO MAKE A MISTAKE!


They want to be absolutely sure without a shadow of the doubt that the woman they are with is the one, the only, and the best they could possibly get!


And if you have not been able to get a real, lasting commitment from a man this is not because there is something wrong with you! This simply means that when you are trying to show him that you are the one for him, you are not using the right tools to do so!


But don’t worry, because I have put together a SET OF TOOLS and when a woman uses these SECRET TOOLS a man will become enlightened and RECOGNIZE YOU AS THE ONE FOR HIM!




What are these tools? These tools are essentially the things you can do to SHOW HIM YOU ARE THE ONE!


I have done an extensive research into the subject of commitment and what makes a man commit to a woman.


I have surveyed hundreds of married couples.


I have interviewed couples who were about to get married.


I have interviewed men who were about to get married to find out what it was that made them commit to their wives-to-be.


I have interviewed happily married women, and women about to get married, and found out the secrets that made their men choose them as their wives!


And right now I am about to share with you these TOOLS FOR GETTING A MAN COMMIT!



Commitment Secrets

Why Men Won’t Commit & How To Change That!


You are about to discover:


 The Truth about what men think of commitment


You will learn what commitment REALLY means to men, and how different it is from how women perceive commitment – you will be shocked at what you will learn here and for the first time in your life you will see commitment through a man’s eyes!


 The 3 types of commitment a man can give you 


If you don’t know what they are, you may be getting the wrong type thinking it is the right type, and realize it wasn’t what you had hoped for when it’s already too late and you have invested too much into a dead-end relationship.

Commitment Secrets Course E-Book

 Why a man is exclusive with you but won’t commit


 Why your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you


 Why men avoid commitment


You will learn the major reasons why men avoid commitment


 The number one reason why men cannot commit and how to defeat it


 What you can do to help your man overcome his fear of commitment


You will learn how you can play an active role in helping your man realize that he simply can’t afford to not commit to you!


 The only time you absolutely MUST let him know that you want a serious relationship


If you miss this deadline, it will be much harder later on to fix the damage! Don’t miss this, and learn the EXACT WORD-BY-WORD SCRIPT ON WHAT TO SAY IN THIS MOST CRITICAL MOMENTif you don’t say it right and at the right time your chances for commitment are diminishing by whooping 50%!


 Why you will not get a commitment if you agree to become exclusive with a man


This is confusing, but trust me, if you are like most single women you are making this mistake that costs you dearly.


Find out what it is and what you must do instead of asking for exclusivity if you want to ensure you will get commitment.


 What you absolutely MUST NEVER do if you want him to see you as a wife material


You will be shocked at what you will discover and learn that the things you are doing right now are absolutely killing your odds of getting commitment – this is the major reasons you aren’t getting commitment


 How to set the right tone of your relationship from the very start to ensure you will get commitment


 Is HE a Commitment Material?


You will learn how to tell if your man is a commitment material, how likely he is to commit (once the right woman comes along), or if he is hopeless.


 4 Signs Of Men Who Won’t Commit


 4 Signs Of Men Who Will Commit


 1 Most Critical Trait Of a Woman Men WANT To Commit To


This can be summarized in one sentence, but most women don’t know this.


I am going to teach you in great detail how to become THIS kind of woman!


 50 Traits Of a Relationship That Is Headed To a Lasting Marriage


In this chapter I am going to share with you 50 most important things that ensure your committed relationship will last a life time. I will also give you examples of what to do and what not to do, and exactly how to use your knowledge in your love life.


 Three things a man wants in a woman on a very basic level to know that she is a wife potential – if you lack any one of these a man will not think of you as a wife potential


 One of the major reasons men chose not to tell their friends and family about a woman in their lives and how to eliminate it from your relationship


 7 major things in which men measure the woman’s potential for a future wife


 One most critical thing you must show him for him to see you as his future wife


Knowing this one thing will turn the world upside down and give you that long-awaited aha-moment!


 How to Get Him Literally ADDICTED To You


Once you know this secret he will want to be with you every waking moment


 What Tells a Man You Are The Woman He Can See Marrying


If you don’t get this right, he won’t marry you even if he loves you more than anything.


 10 Reasons Men Don’t Marry Women They Love and 10 Tools To Successfully Defeat Every One Of Them


 The Main Reason Why Men Marry and How To Use It To Encourage Your Man To Propose (and it’s NOT sex)


 How to tell a man is READY to commit to you


 A GUARANTEED way to know for sure he wants a commitment with you


 1 Thing That Has To Happen BEFORE He Commits To You


No matter how hard you try to get him to take your relationship seriously, talk to him about it, or try to convince him to get serious with you, he won’t do it until this one thing happens. But once it happens, he will commit to you easily and effortlessly (provided that you follow the rest of the advice in this guide)


 Exactly How Much To Give In a Relationship With a Man

Have you ever wondered if you are giving too much or if giving less or more will have an impact on how much you get back?


Do you know when to stop giving?


This chapter will let you measure EXACTLY how much you are giving, whether you are giving too much, when to stop giving, the exact guidelines and the exact questions you must ask yourself to know for sure if what you are giving is right or wrong!


 Should You Live Together Before Marriage


If you are considering moving in together, you must read this chapter! Don’t make the mistake of moving in together without being properly informed of the implications of such decision!


 1 Thing You Can Do As a Last Resort When All Else Failed


Learn what it is and how to do it right! When you don’t do this the right way the results will be disastrous and the opposite of what you want.


I will teach you how to do it right, what to say, what to do BEFORE you say it and to get the best possible results!



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When it is safe to sleep with him special report

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Find out where you stand with a man report

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